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Success Coaching Featured Certification Courses

Social Media Seller Certification

Reinforce your Digital Marketing efforts and bring the best value to your clients. Gain proven skills to create marketing capital through electronic engagement by capitalizing on the power of social in today’s professional world. In this certification course, we build your skillset and dig deep into the tools and techniques available to harness the power of social in today’s professional world. Includes Digital Domination and the exclusive Digital Domination TWO to awake the social in you. $149.99

Niche Nitrous Certification

This is the year of the Niche. Major media outlets report that market share will go to those who execute a pointed marketing plan and who get a tunnel-focus on expert positioning in a few areas. Accelerate your sales today with this easy to learn and vital Niche class. This course is based on industry leader Christine Beckwith’s experience, extensive coaching, and speaking on the topic. She holds the secrets to what makes sales people soar. Learn and execute on your own Niche Marketing plan by purchasing this step-by-step class today. $49.99

Digital Domination Certification

The race for Social Media market share is on! Want in on it? This state-of-the-art course teaches, step by step, the process and techniques to turn your social media into income! What are you waiting for? Dominate your social media space today! Christine Beckwith leads her industry in social media education for mortgage and real estate professionals. As a keynote speaker on this topic and a speaker for Gary Vaynerchucks Agent2021, she makes your education simple to learn and easy to digest. She delivers a proven system having emerged as a non-user of social media only a few short years ago to having tens of thousands of followers  today and a growing company that is thriving using social media monetization. $49.99 

Kick the Clock Time Management Certification

This class will teach your professional level techniques that leave you organized and focused directly on sales tasks that bring you increased production! $49.99

Clear Boundaries Safety Certification

Now offered as a “Certifier” course, you get both the safety training for yourself as well as the rights to teach this valuable information to others! Available for a short time at reduced bare bones price of $297. Your purchase gives you the tools to design your own “press and play” education, which includes break outs for a work shop atmosphere training. Each participant will receive a signed certification of safety by the certifier, YOU! Bring this invaluable training to your referral and business partners. Join us as we pay forward the gift of safety that will forever keep on giving! Includes a copy of Clear Boundaries and access to order class copies at bulk rates.

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Targeted Courses

VisionU Pro curriculum is created specifically for you, the busy professional. Whether you are in sales, service, or in business for yourself, these classes are to the point and exactly what you need to grow and achieve.

Topical and Timely

VisionU Pro courses are designed to solve to a problem—your problem. We have our fingers on the pulse of our industry to ensure that our courses boost your skillset with knowledge you will use every day.

Interactive Learning

We make it easy with our user-friendly online portal packed with engaging training videos. Fast, state-of-the-art displays will play on any digital device. Click it or Touch it for lessons at your fingertips!

Decades of Experience

Our courses are designed and created by teams of professional educators, industry pros, and coaches. Let their experience be your guide to gain the knowledge you need.

Free Parking

All kidding aside, digital training is convenient and designed to fit into your life. At VisionU Pro, we deliver trusted content, reasonably priced, on your terms.

24/7 Access

Take charge of your training needs. Stay current and ahead of the pack with our training portal and customized student dashboard. Learn wherever and whenever you want.


“eLearning is the primary delivery method of IT training for 45% of enterprises.” – International Data Corporation (IDC) 
We have developed an exclusive digital training experience for our students. The Vision Training Center is a state-of-the-art interactive virtual training platform powered by LightSpeed VT. With this combination of easy to use yet super powerful technology and our superior course content, we guarantee a training solution that learners love to use. We fully expect your VisionU Pro course to delight and educate.

Thinking of Something Tailored For You?

VisionU Pro is a division of 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching and Consulting. Coaching with us drills deep into what it takes to be ultra successful. Consulting with us brings your entire managing organization into a coaching experience that is custom designed to achieve your goals. 

Reach out to us today for more information about our by-invitation coaching and exclusive consulting services.